Google announced to soon list COVID-19 vaccination locations in Google Search and Maps

Everyone is aware about the impacts COVID-19 brought upon everyone. It has greatly affected every community in every corner of the world. All of this made people unite in the most unexpected ways and somehow showed everyone that when united, things can get in control. The COVID-19 vaccine which was approved in late 2020 after a clinical trial resulted to about 70% of people not having any Covid symptoms after taking the vaccine. After this the vaccine is now been taken by many people all around the world. Along healthcare workers, big companies like Google which has been known to offer any help to control situations like these also showed up front in this pandemic. Google has announced that it will be launching vaccination clinics at some of its sites by partnering with health care providers and local authorities. With everyone wanting to get the COVID vaccines themselves, it sometimes becomes hard to be able to locate places which have the vaccine available.

On 25th January, Google announced that Google search and Maps will now also show COVID-19 vaccination locations. This has been approved from the government, the pharmacies and other associated sources. Google along with this will also include the appointments and drive through for those locations. When searching on Google, the user will come across a separate COVID-19 panel which will also support the new redesign. This separate panel will have sub-sections including safety and news. There will be a ‘where to get it’ option shown in the map having highlighted locations near the user having the vaccine. Even when looking up for ‘Covid vaccine’ and then clicking on location/city in Google Maps, it will include of same list. Google search will also soon surface general information of how the states and regions are distributing the vaccines. The searches for ‘vaccines near me’ have increased to about 5 times since the beginning of 2021.

Google and YouTube are also teaming up to launch ‘Get the Facts’ initiative so that the public can get information related to the vaccines from authoritative sources. With the vaccine now being available, it is not possible for everyone to get access to it and it certainly won’t help in beating this pandemic, but google has taken the initiative and will also be donating $100 million to World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Foundation which is a non-profit independent organization. $50 million will also be put into helping public health agencies for the vaccine to reach neglected communities and for them to receive information related to it as well.

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