Facebook’s Classes for Online Events; Moment Of Panic For Zoom And Teams?

Facebook is all set to launch its new feature and as reported by Matt Navarra, it aims to make it easy for users to instruct and discover a class on Facebook.

This feature is currently only available to users in the United Kingdom (apparently), but the classes can be attended by anyone around the world.

This means that anyone even if outside the UK can join the Facebook class through the given link. It can be created through the Facebook app on any device, by choosing the “Online Event” option and then select the ‘Class’.

Moreover, you can link the Facebook live or even other video conferencing services. If your community has a page that is eligible for paid online events, you can even charge fees for the classes by using Facebook Pay and even keep 100& of the earnings to themselves.

‘Facebook Classes’ is a new event type that is introducing a few additional features to make online instruction easier.

You can create and share an online event labeled as “Class” and you can cross-post it in up to three of your groups. Along with a “requirements” section to tell the class members about the necessary stuff they will need.

Furthermore, you can send an automatic feedback survey to the students after the class, for even better results.

Also, an automatic notification will go instantly on making a new class, to the class members who have previously attended the session.

The Facebook class will launch in no more than 5 minutes, and to open the feature you will have to log into your Facebook profile it has a group icon and description ( just like WhatsApp).

Last year in August, Facebook launched paid events on their platform, the criteria were simple, any page owner who agreed on Facebook’s paid monetization policies and be able to host a class via the app mentioning the event details, ticket pricing. And you can use it for cooking classes, workout, or fundraising events.

Last year, the Head of Facebook Fidji Simo, explained the company is working to improve the live feature to introduce the platform for larger paid events and testing live hosting a smaller one via Messenger.

Facebook, the social media giant is known for bringing out new and advanced features and innovative technology, along with other companies and apps. Also, Facebook is known for copying features of other apps; like snap chat stories and YouTube’s video features.

Now it is time for Zoom and Microsoft’s Teams and Google Classroom to update their tools.

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