Australia and Google fight towards the New Law, Will The Search Giant Remove its Services from the Region?

Google services to be removed from the entire Australia?

Google has signaled that its will remove its services completely from Australia, but what matters led to such decisions.

Well, the Australian Government issued a code which declared that Google has to pay a part of their revenue that it earns from the online advertisement. Meaning that whichever Australian ads will appear on the Google Search Engines’ home page a part of the revenue would go to that particular media organization. The question is why did the Australian Government took this decision.

Well, during the recent times of Covid the media and journalism industry has suffered a lot with local newspaper industry having to fire their journalist and reporters because of lack of income and payment issues. Australian government thinks Google makes most of its annual revenue through online advertisement as much of their content comes from there. Therefore, Australian government demanded Google to pay a particular amount of earned revenue to the media organization in charge of each news, or ads as the Aussie Government thinks that Google uses the revenue income inappropriately and keeps all of it to itself thus it is better if they divide the revenue with all honesty.

Google claims that this demand is entirely absurd and following this will only lead to financial and operational risks by the Tech Giant. Google said that after looking through the laws and all possible outcomes the only thing they can do about the matter is remove the Google services from Australia if this code which is not entirely passed yet turns into a law.

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on this said that they do not have a habit of responding to threats. According to him Australia, makes its own rules of things that goes around in Australia which are decided by the Parliament and nothing can change this.

Google on this responded it is not a threat, but if the country would force them to pay for showing links to news articles and new stories on the search engine it will set a precedent situation for both the Tech Giants business and well as the digital economy.

Google has some others allies who are in favor with them. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the world wide web and Vint Cerf, another founder of the internet who helped design TCP/IP both agreed that this is a breaching of the principals of the web and in no way is acceptable.

Google did offer to pay for the publishers for its Google News Product, but Australians are not satisfied with this though.

Apart from Google, Facebook is also under the same threat from Australia who may ask them to pay the revenue earned from the news on their application as well.

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