Apple generated $1.8 million during holiday sales through its App store

During the holiday, Apple generated a record-breaking revenue through its App Store. According to Apple, from Christmas Eve till the end of December 2020, surprisingly Apple generated revenue of $1.8 million at its App Store either by digital products or its facilities.

As soon as Apple stands against the allegation that they have monopolistic dominance over the App Store, the traffic on Apple devices goes wild during the holiday week. Apple senior vice president of internet software and services Eddy Cue made a statement that because of the valuable and efficient services provided by Apple, customers across the globe seek inspiration and trust the services more than ever. Apple’s range of services helps customers in every possible way.

He further added that there are an immense variety of opportunities for creative developers. The technological benefits are vast and only need to be exploited well. Apple is excited about what they are doing and continues to do as long as it is helpful for the customers.

In the pandemic, the sales for most of the business fall but the lockdown has positively affected the business of app developers whether it is a gaming app or any other app. The ‘work from home’ concept has increased the usage of apps as everybody was instructed to stay at home be it a student or an employee. Video conferencing and meeting app zoom along with Disney+ app for online streaming service on television were the top downloaded apps of the App store during last year.

In addition to these applications, gaming apps contributed majorly to generate a record-breaking revenue during the holiday week. Top games like Among Us and Roblox were among the most downloaded ones.

As per Apple, on New Year’s Day, a new one-day record of more than $540 million was generated by the App Store.

During the pandemic, developers became creative by discovering new ways to help people connect with each other, work from home, and be safe and healthy at the same time. Apple store was founded 12 years ago, since then developers have generated over $200 billion from the App store.

With increasing sales, the policies of Apple are being inspected as Fortnite’s maker put allegations that if the California-based company is strictly controlling its App Store.

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