YouTube brings more to the Premieres segment

YouTube is working on its Premieres feature. The feature exclusive for live-streaming pre-recorded videos will now see support for trailers, redirects, and customized countdown timers. According to the company, there has been an 85% growth in the daily use of the feature from over 8 million channels. And these additions will make the feature more useful for the creators and audience alike.

Premiers was designed to give a push to live streams on YouTube. It worked similar to live chat where the creators responded to their subscribers while their new videos played online. But as the pandemic pushed everything online – the use of Premieres has grown substantially.

One of the primary features to debut on Premiers is the Live Redirect. According to the makers, the Live Redirect will allow creators to hold a live-stream before their official video goes live and automatically direct viewers toward it, once it starts.

YouTube compares this to a pre-show or a red carpet event where the makers can create hype about their upcoming video.

Trailers are another feature we will be seeing in the Premieres segment. It will show a 15-second to three-minute video trailer on the upcoming Premiers page to get the potential viewers excited about the new video.

Lastly, we will see a countdown timer before the premier with a Countdown Theme. As per YouTube, the creators will have a variety of themes, vibes, and moods to choose from so that they can customize the timer according to the content of the video.

The first two features have started rolling out to eligible creators, while Countdown Timer will be made available in the coming months.

Photo: Anatoliy Sizov via Getty Images
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