This security researcher earned a huge amount of $2 million through bug bounty program

I am sure that this happens to you as well that you observe bugs, glitches, and unexpected shutdowns on apps or websites while using. Yes, that happens many times with users. What do you do then? Well, let me tell you that if you observe a security related bug on any website with a proper proof, the technology developers and organizations offer you compensation for reporting flaws and this is known as the “Bug Bounty Program” or “vulnerability rewards program.” Intel, Yahoo, Snap chat, Apple, and Hacker One, are the companies in 2020 that are offering recompense for reporting bugs.

Have you ever thought of earning by pointing out faults? Well, if you haven’t this might encourage you: an ethical hacker belonging to Romania has become the first individual to earn $2 million in bug bounty. Hacker One was the platform used by the Romanian Hacker to do bounty searching. This genius hacker named Cosmine Lordache ranked in the seventh position in earning in million dollars by reporting 468 faults- 12 months ago. Bug bounty searching platform proved to be a useful platform for this bug reporting, fortunate Romanina individual. His profile on the HackerOne account is named @inhibitor181.

HackerOne made an official announcement on its Twitter account which said that Lordache’s earnings have reached $2 million. The company also informed that it introduced the Romanian Hacker as the 7th individual to reach dollar millions- 334 days ago, with an earning of $1 million. Now, the company was contented to announce that over the past 334 years there has been an addition in his earning from $1 million to $2 million.

Before the Romanian hacker began to work as a bug tracker, he was working as a total-stack developer. Now, this 30-year-old individual is an inhabitant of Germany with his wife and 2 dogs. His hard work proved to be beneficial for him as he was appointed as an assassin at the h-165 live-hacking event that was held in Singapore. Additionally, he was the chief guest at an h-14420 live hacking party in London.

Before this Romanina guy became the first bug reported to earn $2 million, Santiago Lopez was 19 when he became the first millionaire by bug bounty program. Now, eight more members are added to the list of those earning millions through the bug bounty program. This 19-year-old guy owns an account named @try-out-tohack at HackerOne.

To let you know, the platform known has; HackerOne has currently double the size of hackers as compared to last year. It is expected that like all other professions bug reporting will become more common among genius hackers like the 30-year-old first guy to earn $2 million through the bug bounty program.

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