The EU has issued some new rules for big tech companies to favor the smaller companies and, in turn, the users

According to the recent reports, EU has ruled over new rules for big technology giants that highlight several potential changes. If the companies do not follow these rules or break the legislation, they have to pay a substantial amount as a fine, which is more than 10% of their annual turnover. It is important to note here that the European Commission has issued legislation to expand user controls and favor smaller companies. The ones that are striving hard to come on top and compete. The EU has published two separate legislations marking the rules according to the two latest acts: Digital Markets Act and Digitals Services Act.

The enforcement of these rules can allow users to check and install other applications or products developed by smaller companies. Do not worry. It is not that difficult. Consider yourself searching apps on your app store. If you are searching on Apple devices, it will show you the products or applications developed by their own company or its giant company. Therefore, to tackle this problem, the European Union has come up with the idea of ending self preferences and treating smaller companies with visibility, and getting chosen by the users.

Other than this, the high tech companies have to allow the consumers to uninstall the built-in applications and let them install the alternative if they want to. High-tech companies like Google and Apple have to share their performance metrics also. Both the advertisers and the publishers can access these, all for free. However, if the companies will not follow these rules, they have to pay hefty fines. The lawmakers can even ask them to divest the parts of their company.

On the other hand, the second legislation noting the digital services act implies that the companies have to remove harmful or illegal content from the sites as soon as possible. Otherwise, companies have to pay fines.

However, the government and lawmakers have not approved these two legislations, and it can take nearly up to two years. Yet, in one of the interviews, the European chief executive has claimed that she is hoping that these rules get adopted and followed soon. She further stated that if the government approves the latest issued laws can extend several benefits.

It can offer the users a variety of choices and controls over installing products that they prefer. It can further ensure the safety and preference of consumers. Along with this, other smaller companies will also get a chance to come forward and compete freely in the European economic market with the best of their services. 

Photo: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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