Instagram is testing new feature for Reels and is trying hard to compete with TikTok

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher, is famous for bringing interesting updates about upcoming features in various apps.

Recently Paluzzi shared a screenshot of upcoming feature about Instagram Reels, which is a competitor of the famous short-form video-sharing app, TikTok. Now, it seems that Reels is soon going to get an update because Instagram is apparently working on the possibility to allow tagging of people in Reels.

The screenshot Alessandro Paluzzi shared in a tweet shows that when a user tries to share a video to Reels, which allows your video to appear in Reels and the Reels tab of the user’s profile, underneath this, a user can also choose to share their video to Feed, now, right under this option, there seems to be a ‘Tag People’ option making its way to the app.

Needless to say, this will allow the users to tag people with whom they have made the video, or with whom they want to share it, including their friends and family. This is going to be like any other photo or video tagging feature that we see on various social media platforms. It is an interesting way to connect with people and make your loved ones feel more special by strengthening and connecting bonds.

Matt Navarra, the famous social media commentator, thinks that Instagram is adding new features at the speed of lightning just to compete with its rival, TikTok. His followers who commented under his tweet seemed genuinely happy with this new feature that is likely to come soon. Although it is not known if and when it will officially roll out for Reels. Many commentators believe that with the speed ‘Reels’ is receiving upgrades, it is quite possible that its overall look changes within 12 months.

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