Google's Subscription Services Found Another Digital Marketplace To Get Users Attention

While the majority of the Google Apps are free and still can be used rather easily irrespective of the ads being played during the middle of a game or video, Google has introduced its “subscription” button on top of all its Google Store pages, similar to Pixel, Pixel Book, Nest and Stadia. The subscription button offers you a smooth streaming of games, videos and all the other things Google Store offers on a monthly subscription price.

The subscription option is further divided into four categories that is Shows and Music can be played on YouTube TV, YouTube premium and YouTube Music Premium. Gaming can be streamed smoothly on the Stadia and Google Play Pass. Storage and Security are safe on Nest Aware and Google one and Phone Plan on Google Fi.

People usually relate the subscription options to YouTube and that is why YouTube is probably the most subscribed application out of all the Google Store Apps. Therefore, YouTube has almost over 3 million users in the US, while YouTube Premium/ Music Premium has over 30 million subscribers in the US.

Even though YouTube is usually working well for Google in terms of the payment option, not many people are encouraged to subscribe to the remaining applications. Therefore, Google is trying to work its way through in making Stadia Pro and Google Play Pass grow. Play Pass is another App, that offers ad free games and in app purchases.

Are you thinking what benefits would a purchasable subscribed application give?

Well, apart from an add free smooth running, Google will offer an access to a variety of games. Google Photos which was launched in 2015 with unlimited back up for photos with a reduced but good quality announced that it will end its unlimited photo option, next year. Though the previously saved photos will still be available, from June 2021, only 15 GB of the free storage of Google Photos will be available the rest of the storage would have to be purchased by the users.

Even though Google benefits from both the ad version and ad free version, as it gets to keep a part of the commission it gets from advertisements played during its games and videos, but Google encourages its users to use with subscription option for a smooth ad free experience in using its app.
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