Google is now letting you share Street view photos from your mobile

Who does not likes capturing pictures? It is, in fact, an amazing way of saving the movements of joyfulness in a single click.

Google launched its feature named ‘Google Street View’ in various cities of the United States in 2007. It has further announced an update to this feature and said that it will allow you to capture and post pictures without a special 360-degree camera. The update is currently available at few locations and will be available to more if the update works well according to the purpose for which Google introduced it.

Google has brought this update to the app on Android which permits you to publish images on Google Maps through Street View app. Before the update rolled-out, the pictures published on the app were taken from Google’s special Street View vehicles. Thanks to Google- this is no more the case and you can simply post pictures taken from your mobile phone.

It will use ARCore technology to capture pictures and after you post them on the app, Google will automatically reverse, locate, and make a sequence of linked photos. After that Google Al then places those pictures to the exact location where you took them.

This update in which you will upload photos will assist Google in showing better maps on the app, as you can post pictures of places that are not available on Google yet. You also don’t need special types of equipment or a DSLR camera, rather you can click a photo from your mobile’s camera and post it. As Google says that after capturing 170 billion images from 10 million miles all around the world, it now wants its users to share pictures of places that it wasn’t able to publish.

The new feature is currently available for Android users in Toronto in Canada, New York, Austin, Texas, in the US, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Costa Rica too.

The update was first spotted on Reddit in November but was available to a few users back then. It is now hopefully becoming available to the regions where Google is currently supporting. If you want to share pictures on Google Map you have to downloaded the latest version of the app: ‘Street View’. Either you can download it from APK Mirror or Play store. When you will post a picture, it will be surrounded by dotted blue lines on the segment of street View on maps. If pictures like yours already exist with the same location, Google said that the dotted line will then change to a ‘Solid’ blue line. The Company is further conducting researches on how to further enhance this beta version.

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