Video ads to boost sales during the holidays

Recent research by video advertising firm VidMob reveals video ads to boast 48% higher sales, compared to static digital ads.

The study took a deeper insight into video ads and compared its acceptance rate with other ad formats displayed on social media sites.

According to their findings, a 10 – 15-second video ad sold 19% more than average length videos. They also perform 184% better than short video ads up to five seconds in length and 12% better than those that are 16% long.

In terms of creativity, video ads that show text in the first frame or within three seconds after the video starts see an increase in purchase by 46% - when compared to those that were shown without any written material. The purchase is also five times higher when the word ‘shop’ is added to the ad copy as a call-to-action.

At the same time, words like ‘get’ or ‘find’ see limited engagement from the user base.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, US adults are more likely to shop from home – giving eCommerce a nudge in sales. As a result, Americans will also spend more time viewing video on mobile devices.

Earlier this year, VidMob posted a similar survey that revealed emotions of surprise boosted the performance of video ads by a whopping 360%.

Illustration: Freepik

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