Google Scraps Expeditions Project, Stores Previous Tours in Arts & Culture Section

Google experiments a lot with the products and services it provides to various users. One experiment that the company conducted had to do with Expeditions, a service that was meant to make it so that three dimensional digital experiences could be created for certain locales thereby ostensibly allowing users to check out what they could see in these locales from the comfort of their own homes rather than being forced to go there themselves. While this might seem like an interesting concept on paper, it appears that Google is not satisfied by the product’s performance since the tech giant is scrapping the project according to an announcement it made in a recent blog post.

This blog post also mentioned that the tours that have been made using the service so far are still going to be available for the people that might want to try and use them at any point. The tours would just be available from Google’s Arts & Culture section rather than Experiences after the service is officially discontinued. This is apparently being done so that the content might just have the potential to be more easily accessible to those that need to use them the most, namely students and academics according to Google.

It might be that Google got what they needed from the provision of this service and is now trying to provide the data collected to those that might be able to benefit most from it all in all. However, there is also a pretty good chance that Google did not want to publicize yet another one of their products being discontinued because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up creating a pattern in people’s minds that Google invests in a lot of failed enterprises in spite of the fact that this isn’t exactly true.

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