Facebook Accelerator’s Connectivity Program is beginning now with twenty start-ups in the loop

Facebook is not just a social network. In all these years, it has transformed into a lot more than just a platform for casual gossip. With its research labs and innovative programs, it has already carved a name of its company in stone, and its recent ventures to expand connectivity amongst millions of people in various regions that did not have access to the internet are commendable.

One such venture to expand connectivity for new business start-ups is the Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity Program. This program is going to explore new and more innovative ways to get as many people connected as possible!

Recently, Facebook has announced a group of 20 start-ups that will be included in this Facebook Accelerator: Connectivity Program. This is going to be a virtual program that will run for the duration of 12 weeks and it is beginning in the following week. It will train these new start-ups on how to upscale their operations, and it will also provide them workshops, meetings with experts, and will help them connect with potential investors and partners that can help them in the growth of their new start-ups. In February, there will be a demo day in which all these participants will showcase what they learned from the program.

As per Facebook, they have been looking into expanding connectivity for a long time now. But the recent pandemic made them realize how crucial it is to provide reliable and highly affordable internet connectivity to people in this digital age and time. It is important for new businesses especially to have uninterrupted internet connectivity to maximize their chances of engagement and outreach, as well as provide them more chances to connect with potential partners and clients online.

Now, providing chances to people with more connectivity is not only going to benefit them, it will of course benefit the company too! So, it is going to be a win-win situation for everyone.

This is not the first time that Facebook has done something to improve connectivity amongst millions of people. Previously also, through its internet.org venture, Facebook helped more than 100 million people to have a chance to get internet and web access. And now, this latest connectivity program for new start-ups is going to further strengthen Facebook’s commitment to connect more and more people possible across various regions that do not have access to the internet even in this era.

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