Bill Gates expresses a lot of optimism for successful vaccines for COVID-19 to start controlling the spread of the disease by February 2021

Bill Gates was recently in conversation with Fareed Zakariya of CNN, and when he was asked about his opinion related to the vaccine for COVID-19 that many pharmaceutical companies are claiming to have made, Gates showed a lot of optimism.

According to him, almost all the vaccines will work with great efficacy and will help in curbing the disease. He is quite sure that by February 2021, the vaccines will start showing amazing results.

So far, it is most likely that the vaccine developed by Pfizer and the one developed by Moderna will be authorized by the FDA. But Bill Gates thinks that other companies like AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Novavax are also in the process of developing vaccines that may prove equally safe and efficient against the coronavirus.

It is quite nice to hear such positive statements from Bill Gates. He surely knows how to keep people happy and honestly, this year has been so trying that it is important to find happiness and positivity in small things, even if they have not materialized yet, like the COVID-19 vaccine!

However, Bill Gates had some fair warnings for the people too. He thinks that this winter season will be very crucial as winters are generally quite bad for people with ailing lungs or other respiratory diseases. But with a pandemic that causes a disease that attacks lungs primarily, it is going to be a little difficult to manage. Bill Gates thinks that the death toll may also rise this winter, but everyone should try to take as many safety measures and precautions as possible.

He jokingly added that he will have a small Thanksgiving dinner and will connect with his family and friends through video calls. He said that we all should try not to be the last death our family sees this year!

Well said! And rightly so.

As per Gates, the next six months are going to be quite worrisome because there are high chances that the death rate due to COVID-19 may raise, and that too, most of it is likely to happen in the winter season.

He was about the problems that may arise with the vaccine’s testing issues and its distribution also. Gates was quite optimistic about that too. He thinks that somehow, 70% of the issues will be resolved and this is the chance that the world will be successful in stopping the spread of this disease.

Let us see if Bill Gates’ words will come true or not. We should infuse a little optimism in our thoughts now too, right?

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