Adobe Survey Reveals Importance of Voice Tech For More Hygienic Events

It is quite strange to think about the fact that not too long ago in the past touching things here and there was not considered to be the sort of thing that could potentially end up making you quite ill.

Now that the covid-19 pandemic has started to wreak quite a bit of destruction all around the world, people are becoming quite wary of touching anything in public and in a world where so many things require you to interact with a public access touch screen to get anything done people are eager for alternatives.

it appears that voice tech might just be the alternative that people had always been thinking about because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up helping them avoid touching a surface that might have a dangerous virus on it.

According to a survey conducted by Adobe, it appears that most users are willing to use voice tech in place of touch based technology in a lot of public locations. Over half of the one thousand respondents said that things like opening an automatic door or selecting that you would want your lift to go to as well as choosing an item from a vending machine could all be done better through the use of voice tech since it would prevent people from having to touch anything all in all.

People are already using voice tech for all sorts of things, including communicating with people via chat, listening to music as well as getting directions from a map application while driving. All of this seems to indicate that voice tech is the way of the future, something that would make investments into voice tech companies rise quite a bit as many big corporations would scramble to offer voice tech solutions to customers.

Image credit: noipornpan | Getty Images

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