You can turn your existing blog posts on WordPress into a tweetstorm now

A tweetstorm is a series of related tweets posted in succession on Twitter by a user. Recently, WordPress has rolled out a new feature that allows the users to convert their existing blog posts into a tweetstorm without any difficulty.

Some time back, WordPress had introduced the functionality that allows users to post their Twitter threads or tweetstorms in their blogs on the WordPress platform, with the ‘unroll’ option for Twitter embeds. So, this new feature is basically the opposite of the previous functionality.

With the new feature, you can post your blogs, word by word, and with all the embedded images and videos on Twitter, as per WordPress. This is slightly different from the functionality through which a link of your blog post can be posted on your Twitter account in the form of a new tweet.

Now, to use this feature, first of all, you need to connect your Twitter account with your WordPress blog/site. On WordPress, at the top-right corner, you will see the Jetpack icon, and through this icon, you can connect your WordPress site with your Twitter accounts. This option lets the users connect their multiple Twitter accounts with their blog/site to let you post your tweetstorms in different places if you wish to do so. This is a good way to improve the reach of your blog post.

Once you choose the account or accounts on which you want to post your blog, you will see the two options that WordPress gives. One is to post the link of your blog on Twitter, and the second, newly added option is to share the post as a Twitter thread.

With your tweetstorm, WordPress allows you to add an introductory message and several other things to make it look as if the post was directly made on Twitter. If your post is long, you do not have to worry much about breaking the sentences at appropriate places, because WordPress can also do that for you. However, you can make these editions, choose where one tweet ends, and the subsequent tweet follows yourself by previewing your post before publishing it on Twitter as a tweetstorm. At the end of your published tweetstorm, a click-able link for your original post on WordPress will also be given so that your followers can check it out there too.

This new feature has been launched as a part of the new Jetpack 9.0 updated version of WordPress and it is already rolling out for the masses.

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