Video meeting options are now available in LinkedIn DM

Adam Flowers, a social media manager has recently tweeted about a new development in the world of LinkedIn. He has observer that LinkedIn has started providing video meeting options within LinkedIn’s direct messaging service.

Adam has shared a screenshot showing the three options that LinkedIn is providing for video meetings. The user is prompted to select a provider to create and send a video link for a video meeting to their contacts. These options include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and BlueJeans video conferencing.

Jonathan Pollinger, a social media trainer has called it a pretty cool move. While Adam Flowers thinks that this latest update is going to change the game for B2B marketers and recruiters for the better!

There was news making rounds a while ago about LinkedIn’s plans to make video conferencing and meeting easier and more accessible on its platform, and it especially made sense at the time when the entire world was locked down and working/studying from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. The usage of these video conferencing apps had already become a necessity, and LinkedIn saw how important it was to keep people, businesses, and organizations running efficiently during those trying times.

The lockdowns have lifted in many regions now, but the pandemic is still there, and the work efficacy in various organizations has definitely been compromised. Many educational institutes are still taking online classes and many organizations have made it a policy for their employees to stay at home and work from there to ensure their safety and to stop the spread of COVID-19.

So, apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, BlueJeans, even Facebook Messenger Rooms have been extremely helpful in keeping businesses alive and making it possible for people to carry on their official conferences and meetings and virtual hangouts with friends and family.

Now that LinkedIn is allowing video meetings through the direct messaging service, it is surely going to have a very positive impact on millions of users of the LinkedIn platform.

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