TikTok Guide for Making Fun Videos

TikTok is a new app from a Chinese company that has become extremely popular lightning fast. In a nutshell, it is a social media platform that allows creating and sharing short videos, 15 or 60 seconds long.

The app drives its users to create high-quality videos, not by showing the number of views only. TikTok is also a great platform for advertising products that is a profitable business for a large number of users.

Whether what drives you to create videos for TikTok, they should be fun and interesting.

Get Familiar with TikTok App

If you're a novice user, you have to explore the app and discover its features first. Even though it functionally looks simple and straightforward, TikTok offers great functionality to create fun videos.

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Video Creating Options

The app offers the ability to record 15-second and 1-minute videos by using the inbuilt camera feature. Users need to hit the big '+' button at the bottom of their screens to access it.

Also, TikTok offers the ability to create interesting and fun videos from their photos automatically. All you need to do is press the '+' button and choose the 'Photo Templates' option.

Then, choose a visual effect, and upload a bulk of photos. After this, the application will gather them in a short video and add visual effects with music.

Live Photos and GIFs

Not a lot of TikTok users know about this feature, but it can be very helpful. If you want to create a GIF or live photo effortlessly using the app, you have to choose a video on your homepage, click on the share button, and save it as a live photo or GIF.

Inbuilt Video Editing Tool

The app is an all-in-one solution for video-makers. Using TikTok, you can change a video's speed, flip it, add a timer, and enhance it with filters and visual effects within a few taps on a screen.

Text, Sound, and Stickers

To make your videos more interactive, you should supplement them with sound and text or stickers. These features become available after recording or uploading a video. Therefore, you have to think about supplementing your video with other elements before recording it.

Use Creative Ideas for Videos

If you're already holding your smartphone pointing the front camera at yourself, it's about time to record your first video and share it. Explore the selection of interesting ideas to create fun videos below.

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Duet Video

Using this feature, you can create a duet video with a popular TikTok user who does something funny. As a result, your video will more likely appear in the recommendations.

Videos with Pets

Videos with funny pets often collect a lot of views on TikTok. If you have a dog, cat, or parrot who behaves weirdly, always keep your camera ready to capture a funny moment and post the video.

Imitate Others

No rules on TikTok forbid to grab some ideas from other users and create your videos. Follow the most popular users and imitate them to create interesting and engaging content. However, don't forget to mention the original video in captions. 

Follow Trends

New trends on TikTok appear frequently. Do not hesitate to explore the home page to join the overall hype and create a trendy video. To make your videos fun, supplement trendy ideas with unexpected and funny endings.

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Show Miniatures

If you're good at creating short and funny miniatures, TikTok can help you release your potential. Create 15-second or 1-minute stories with a fun plot and become popular on this platform.

Master Video Editing Skills

This option is a good chance for video-editing experts to show their skills and create very engaging and funny videos. Unfortunately, the inbuilt functionality isn't advanced enough to add stunning video effects. However, you can always upload a video that was edited on a computer.

Interrupted Tutorials

Start creating a video-guide on TikTok, capture users' attention, and supplement it with an unexpected and funny ending. This idea will help you collect a lot of views and likes.

Helpful Hint

A lot of new TikTok users lose their enthusiasm and stop creating videos in a few weeks or months after creating an account. It is a big mistake.

If you want to become a popular TikTok user, you have to play it cool and continue creating videos even if they don't appear in recommendations and don't collect thousands of views. It is the only trusted way to become popular on TikTok.
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