Microsoft brings the modified web-page snipping tool, now called ‘Web Capture,’ to its Dev and Canary channels

Microsoft has recently announced in a blog post about the modifications it has brought to its previous ‘Web notes’ tool. This tool was quite popular amongst the users as it used to let them capture and mark-up content across the web. However, when Microsoft launched the new Edge, this tool was not available. Turns out that Microsoft was tweaking some features to revamp this tool, and now, finally, Microsoft has designed a new tool called ‘Web Capture.’ Right now, it is a basic feature with the functionality to take a screenshot of the web content you want to capture. Microsoft has introduced it to their Dev and Canary channels, but more modifications will be made to add more functionalities to the Web Capture in the future, as per Microsoft’s plans.

Currently, this tool will simply take screenshots of any part of the web page that you are going through, and then will save it as an image on your computer. It is just like how you can take screenshots easily of whatever content you see on your smartphone and then, you can find that screenshot saved in your phone gallery or any other preferred location on your phone.

Microsoft plans to add the functionalities to this feature, which will help the users to add ink, or highlights to their screenshots, allow the users to capture full webpages, and let them scroll while marking-up the pages.

This tool will be easily accessible through a keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+S, or the user can open it by clicking on the three-dot menu icon, and then by choosing ‘Web Capture’ from that menu. Users can choose to have it in their toolbar also for much easier access.

Once you open Web Capture, with the help of the selection tool you can capture the content you want. Sometimes, users want to capture more content than what they can see on the web page, so Microsoft has added this ability to let the users select content lower down on the page too. All they have to do is to hold the selection tool and drag it to the bottom of the page. This will make the page automatically scroll down, and the user will not have to use any keys or cursor for the page to move down. This way, the user will be able to capture all that they want in a single go.

After a screenshot has been taken, the user will have the option to Copy or Preview the image. By choosing ‘Copy,’ the user will be able to add the image to their clipboard, and from there, it will be available to be pasted anywhere else the user wants. But if they choose the 'Preview' option, as the name suggests, it will let them preview the screenshot and give further options to either share or save it on the pc on any preferred location. Also, by reviewing the image, the user will have the choice to retake the screenshot if it is not good enough for them.

It is not known when this feature will come on the Stable Edge Chromium builds, but till then, it will be available on Dev and Canary builds.

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