LinkedIn Updates Events and Adds New Video Meeting Features

LinkedIn rolled out virtual events some time during May in light of the coronavirus pandemic making it difficult for actual physical meetings and events to be held. This feature has become quite popular because of the fact that many users started using it to the point where 200,000 events were held and millions of users attended them. Now LinkedIn is adding a bunch of new features that are going to make it so that the likelihood of an event being truly successful would end up being far greater than might have been the case otherwise.

One new feature is the discover feature that would highlight certain events and improve their reach. Users will also get a My Network tab that they can personalize so that events relevant to them can be shown to them, and companies will most likely use this new feature in their marketing tactics so that they can end up reaching the maximum number of users possible at any given point in time. One thing that users might not like is the increase in emails that they might be getting, something that has been a point of contention among many users previously, and in light of this LinkedIn has decided that only people that might be interested in events based on their personalization options would be getting email notifications.

LinkedIn has also been experimenting with Video Meeting features in order to remain competitive with Google who has launched their own version of this feature. Video Meetings are now getting a full rollout and are being incorporated into LinkedIn messages, something that would most likely make it far easier for the average user to connect with people on a regular basis. All in all, these are updates that are going to greatly improve the user experience on LinkedIn.

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