LinkedIn Adds New Feature to Help People Find Better Jobs

It’s fair to say that LinkedIn has completely changed the manner in which people would be able to connect with one another on a professional level, and with the current pandemic making it difficult for the economy to sustain itself thereby resulting in the loss of countless jobs, LinkedIn is in a position where it can do a lot of good in the world and make itself even more relevant than it currently is. With nearly 13 million people currently unemployed in the US, LinkedIn has decided to add a new feature that would make it so that people might just be able to find newer and better jobs.

This new feature is a tool called Career Explorer, and what it basically does is that it analyzes the skills that you might have and find jobs where these skills might just end up being somewhat relevant in some way, shape or form. This means that people would realize that there are a number of jobs out there that they might not have initially considered which are nonetheless perfect for the kind of work that they may be trying to do all in all.

This makes this new tool very different from the countless job search engines that are out there that put the onus on the user to figure out what jobs would work best for them. It also provides a glimpse of the future where people might not have to think about what jobs they can potentially do since a system might just be put in place that would allow them to automatically be matched to a selection of jobs that would be easy for them to do and would also allow them to expand their skill set to a certain extent thereby making them more efficient and professional.

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