Japan was considered to have 22% all global mobile game player spending from the App Store and Google Play

As per recent information provided by the SensorTower's store intelligence, in the second quarter of year 2020 Japan was considered to have 22% share of the global mobile spending. This report is only from the first nine months of 2020.

Japan's consumer market has a good history with the gaming industry. Popular gaming software like Nintendo, Sony, and Sega were launched in Japan. These tech giants also produced games that are played worldwide some of those games include: Pokemon, Metal Gear, Mario, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy not only this but Japanese software has many other interesting games too. Japanese Gaming software is contributing the most to the gaming platform and Japan is considered to have the best types of software globally in the world.

In 2012 Puzzle and Dragons by GungHoOnline a software made by Japanese publishers was the first-ever free to play mobile games worldwide. This was not it, the success of Japanese companies is increasing every day. Monster Strike sponsored by Mixi which was launched in 2013 and by January 2014 it raised 13.7 billion dollars. Apart from these two titles, there are many more software and games which have earned more than a billion-dollar.

In 2014 Japan had a share of 29.2% on the Global sharing app and generated approximately 5.6 million dollars in just a year. By 2015 Japan was contributing almost 30% to the global revenue. However, this number fell to 23% during 2019 as the US and China's markets grew and became better than the Japanese market. Even though the percentage of Japan's revenue fell still Japan had a lead and it had the best mobile game market. Japan's market stood on 1 rank from 2014 till 2018 while in 2019 and 2020 it stood on the second rank and the US was on the first.

When it comes to player spending Japanese companies still have a hold on the Local app stores. From January 2016 onwards 80% of the highest revenue-generating apps were from Japanese companies. Which generated approximately 1 billion dollars. Top Apps like Pokemon Go and Niantic which were developed by US publishers had its software from Japan.

In 2020 two of the ten most revenue-generating apps were from Japan with over 1 billion dollars earned and many of the apps by Japanese publishers were also on the top 20 which is around 25% of the total revenue generated. China had the second most share in the revenue generated.

Games by Japanese companies are also played overseas. In 2019 Japanese games earned 1 billion dollars from overseas. Players spending figure increased by 3% every year from 2018 and a total of 25 million dollars were earned every year which is around 2.1 percent of the total revenue. Until now the best Japanese games have earned 814.5 million which is 1.7% of the global revenue. Dragon Ball Z and Fate Grand are the apps which are contributing the most to the total revenue generated.

Japanese revenue has always increased on yearly basis but in the year 2019, it fell badly. The player spending percentage has risen by 4% hence the sector saw a revenue increase from 583 million to 14.5 billion last year. The International revenue of Japan also fell as countries like China launched applications like PUBG MOBILE and Genshin Impact which became users favorites and generated 60 million dollars in just a week, but if we see Japans revenue in the gaming industry it still is much better than other countries and Japans gaming industry remains on top.

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