Google’s New Battery Saver Mode Could Make a Full Charge Last 48 Hours

There used to be a time not all that long ago when most phones did not have to be charged all that often. If you ended up fully charging your phone this meant that you could probably keep using it rather heavily for perhaps hours, but with the newer smartphones that have been on the market for about a decade and a half the amount of power required is far greater which means that in spite of the fact that batteries are for more efficient than they used to be it is considered an impressive feat if a phone is able to stay on for sixteen hours with moderate use once the battery has been fully charged.

A lot of power saver modes have been introduced in order to facilitate longer usage periods or at the very least make it so that if your phone battery is lower than you want it to be than you would be able to turn the power saver mode on and keep using it for a bit longer. Google’s new battery saver mode has just been rolled out to all of its latest Pixel phones, and it is perhaps the most incredible power saving feature that any smartphone has offered so far.

You would be able to run your phone for up to 48 hours with moderate to heavy usage after fully charging it if you keep it on this ultra effective battery saver mode. Now, you will obviously have to forego a lot of functionality in order to make something like this possible. Only essential apps will keep running with no other apps being available, your work profile is going to be unavailable and your screen is going to have an automatic shutoff time of 30 seconds which you won’t be able to change. This might just be worth it for the super long battery life, though.

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