Google Maps Adds New Features for Ridesharing and Delivery Services

Google Maps is the kind of application that can be used in a wide range of situations due to the reason that it can help you figure out where you are as well as ascertain how you can get to wherever it is that you might need to go at that current point in time. Consumers are not the only ones that can end up benefiting from this sort of thing.

The truth of the situation is that even service providers are able to take advantage of what Google Maps can provide and this has already been seen with Google Maps integrating ride sharing services like Uber into their main app so that you can search for a route to some place and then subsequently book a car in order to get to that location.

While ride sharing has certainly become easier thanks to Google Maps, Google is starting to expand the range of service that such service providers would be able to take advantage of. What’s more is that Google is incorporating delivery services into the mix as well. This is most likely being done because of the fact that Google has seen how important deliveries have ended up becoming due to the lockdowns that ensued after the pandemic broke out, and incorporating itself into this industry can often be useful in the long run as well as the short term.

Now delivery service providers would be able to optimize their routes so that the people doing the deliveries would be able to waste as little time as possible and make it so that each stop is reached in the shortest possible amount of time. The routes can be changed based on whether a car or a bike is being used so that different routes can be created based on the needs of each vehicle.

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Featured photo: Hakan Nural / Anadolu Agency
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