Google is bringing Maps in Dark Mode for Android soon

According to a Reddit user, Google is working to bring Dark Mode to its Maps for Android. This new update has already started rolling out for a few users, but it seems that it will soon be available for everyone globally.

9to5Google had spotted this change last month only, but now, with the news of its unofficial and limited roll-out, they delved further into how this new theme would fit into Maps, and surprisingly, they have reported it to be very nice in appearance.

Once this feature is available widely, you can enable it by going on the Settings page on Maps. There, you will see a new menu labeled as ‘Appearance.’ Once you click on it, you will see three options from which you can choose to select a Light Theme, Dark Theme, or Default to device theme.

In settings, you can also change the appearance of Maps during navigation. So, it means that the main look of Maps and the look in the navigation mode can be chosen independently of each other, or interdependently, as per the user’s wish.

Once you Enable the Dark Theme on Maps, your search bar and bottom bar will take a gray-tinge. This is a standard hue across all first-party apps. Additionally, you will see a white mic icon towards the top, and the tab that you will be viewing at that time will turn a pastel shade of blue.

The base of the Maps or the background is dark gray in color, and different buttons, search and filter carousels, and other options that overlay the maps are light gray.

Text is bright colored and easily readable, the contrasts look nice, and other pins and icons also have bright colors.

Currently, few people using Android 10 and 11 have been able to receive this update, and all these users are using version 10.51.1 of Google Maps. As per 9to5Google, this is a server-side update and has not been widely rolled out for all devices, but some people using the Pixel 4 XL, they found this update, along with a layer reporting about the COVID-19.

Regardless, it does not look like Google will launch it first as an A/B test. Also, hopefully, Google will bring this new update for iOS users soon too.

Let us wait and see how people find it once it is widely and officially available.

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