Google Drive's unlimited storage is not cheaper anymore on Workspace

During the time of G suite, Google provided very convenient amount of storage in Google Drive for their users but now this luxury of unlimited storage would not be able to last long for the users as Workspace is replacing G suite and many of G Suite features would also be vanished along it.

Workspace is one of the brand-new changes which is provided by Google to its productivity suites and work flow updates. Where Google is also modifying some of the capabilities regarding new changes.

For people who are more attracted towards the latest updates concerning about new features can switch from G suite to Workspace while for other people whose work mostly rely on storage can hang on to their G suites plan. G Suite offers $12/month unlimited storage while on the latest tiers as much as $20 a month.

Someone who has subscribed G suite Business plan mostly comprises of the people who basically are not any type of businessmen but they prefer this plan because it provide more benefits to its user and show lesser adds along all this, individuals could also have unlimited access of storage in Google Drive with cost as low as $12 a month. With Individuals less than four or five, this plan will allow only one TB storage in Google Drive but this limit was never really imposed or enforced on the users by Google.

According to the Android Police it was noticed that working criteria of workspace differs from the G suite in the Google Drive storage. Some of the changes that were made in Workspace are mentioned below:

30 GB of storage on Google Drive is allowed to each user who select “Basic” tier of G suite with no restriction on the number of users. While on the other hand Workspace totally restricted their subscribers on not just only the amount of storage but also on the number of users to 300. In “Business Starter” tier of Workspace only 30 GB storage is offered per user.

In the “Business” tier of G suite, consumers are offered unlimited storage along with unlimited user as long as the number of users exceeds 4 but in the “Business Standard” of Workspace are allowed to have 2 TB storage with the limit of 300 users.

The last plan offered by Workspace is “Business Plus” which allows its user to have up to the storage of 5 TB with limited number of 300 users.

This new change regarding storage was made because of the Google’s claim that few organizations are taking advantage of the unlimited storage space, so for new businessmen are bond to sign up foe Workspace although Workspace has its own advantages but the feature of limited storage is a bit disappointing. Google spokesperson earlier explain that storage can be provided to user upon their request.

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