Facebook Continues Feud With Apple by Not Adding Cloud Gaming to iOS App

Facebook has started making a foray into cloud based gaming in order to diversify its holdings and compete with Google’s experimentations in this area as well. However, it is important to note that the social media platform will be offering these cloud gaming services on the web based version of its social media site as well as its Android app but Apple users would not be able to access this cloud gaming feature on iOS apps.

A big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that Facebook is not happy with Apple’s supposedly arbitrary policies that are going to make it difficult for the social media giant to provide brands and marketers using its advertising services to obtain user data that would enable targeted ads. Apple has been holding its ground in this regard by trying to argue that the consumer is the only one that truly matters in this particular situation and that going back on its word might make it look weak in front of a dedicated user base that trusts it to do the right thing.

This is a very interesting development because of the fact that this is one of the first examples of an all out feud being conducted between two major tech companies. Apple is definitely the bigger company here but it can be argued that Facebook has a far more popular product since it has such a huge number of users numbering well into the billions. It remains to be seen if this would sway users to adopt other Facebook apps or move away from Apple, or if this decision would lead to far less users adopting cloud gaming than might have been the case otherwise thereby forcing Facebook to concede.

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