Everything You Need to Know about iPhone boot loop, iPhone Update Issues and How to Downgrade iOS 14

A new operating system for iPhones was recently developed to enhance user power despite iPhone update issues such as iPhone boot loop. Individuals enjoy better ways to organize their chats and access other useful features. These include:

Voice Enhancement

Any fan of recording audios or chats most likely enjoys the Voice Memos app. Even better, an enhanced recording option of iOS 14 reduces background noise and organizes recorded files as favorites or into folders.

Default Browser of Your Choice

Unlike the earlier versions that would direct you to one browser, iOS 14 enables you to pick different browsers. These include Edge, Chrome, or Firefox, to mention a few.

Pin Favorite Conversations

If you have a favorite or most frequent iMessage chat, you can pin them to your home screen page up to a maximum of nine conversations. It would give you easy and quick access.

Customize Your Home Screen Icons

Apple has moved closer to mimic the customized Android operating system. iOS 14 has provided a Shortcuts app that supports personal scripting.

The above insight entails but a few features of iOS 14. Although some users are seeking how to downgrade iOS, it’s good for you if you want to have it running on your iPhone. You would download it with the least hassle if your iPhone is compatible. The following simple steps will guide you on how to update your iPhone to iOS 14:

1. Back up Your Data First

As always, backing up all useful information is critical before updating software on any technical device. An iPhone is no exception. While there are minimal chances of losing your information, it is a good practice to be safe in case the unexpected happens.

2. Download the Version from Your Settings Page

The next process is simple and straightforward. Click on the “download” option and let your device carry on to completion. On your settings app, click on the 'General' tab to find the 'Software Update' section. You should see a readily available 'update option' that you should use to download and install the software.

iPhone Update Issues and Fixes

Other iPhone update issues may occur when upgrading your software to iOS 14. Some are explained below:

Failed Software Update
You may get a failed update when you try to upgrade your device to iOS 14. A prompt error alert would appear on your screen, indicating that downloading iOS 14 was unsuccessful. There could be numerous reasons behind the issue, including a poor internet connection or update conflicts. Whichever the case, you wouldn’t fancy updating your software multiple times, only to get the same prompt of failed attempts.

To avoid this and other iPhone update issues, ensure you have a stable internet connection when updating. If it fails, try restarting your device and update again. Confirm on your Apple System Status page and other services to affirm that iOS 14 software is available for updating.

iTunes would also come in handy to help you update your device. Once you are connected, click on 'Check for Update' on the summary page to get the most recent iOS version.

Trouble Verifying Update
A successful software update does not mean the hassle is over. Trouble may begin when you need to verify it. An iPhone stuck on Apple logo may be as a result of incomplete or corrupt download, or a flaw in your Apple ID. Many times, the iPhone update issues are fixed automatically.

On the same note, you can choose to reset your phone’s settings. Carry on to confirm your choice with a passcode before trying to update once again. Making a forced restart of your device or restarting the update are other alternative options.

iPhone boot Loop
Users can expect an iPhone boot loop when they update to iOS 14. This is often caused by poor update or malware.

To solve this issue, force restart your device. In the process, your iPhone will shut down before restarting again for efficient iOS system repair. To force reboot iPhone 7/7 Plus, hold both the Power and Volume Down buttons for 10 seconds.
Note that the way to restart your device may vary depending on the model of your iPhone.

Limited Space for Download
A successful update would more likely be interfered with by limited space on your iPhone. The update would be complete when your device has at least 5 GB free space.

You can fix the limited space issue by creating more space. You can achieve this by deleting unnecessary files. Alternatively, manage the storage of your device. On your phone's General Settings, click on 'Storage' then ' Manage Storage. The page shows you how much space every app and data occupies. With that information, identify what to remove. Afterward, try to update the software again.

Try this Solution if others fail

You can get our software, Wondershare Dr. Fone - Repair (iOS), as an alternative to iPhone stuck in boot loop and other iPhone update problems.
This iOS system repair tool is the best solution because it fixes various iPhone update issues. It works for all iPhone models. Besides, it is easy and simple to use such that everyone can use it. The tool gives you the ideal and better alternative to update your software with no data loss.

What if You don’t Like iOS 14?

Despite the release of the iOS update, some people may experience glitches and issues that would probe them to downgrade to previous software. This poses the major question- are you well prepared for it? Take a step back to consider and understand the consequences of doing it to take significant precautions. In light of this, here’s how to downgrade to iOS:
  1. Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  2. Explore iTunes and Finder on Windows or Mac devices respectively.
  3. Select the 'Restore' option on the iPhone icon. Simultaneously, keep pressing on the left shift keys on Windows or Mac.
  4. Confirm the version you want to restore - in this case, the iOS 13.7 IPSW file. Wait for the device to carry out the process to downgrade to iOS version 13.
Downgrade-related issues such as erasing existing data can be handled using Wondershare Dr. Fone - Repair to fix iOS system.

Moreover, the tool also comes with a free update plan to fix multiple iPhone update issues with the least hassle. Join now to win a new iPhone 12 and enjoy a 40% off coupon on update insurance. 
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