Cybercriminals Are Using Fake Copyright Infringement Notices to Bypass 2FA on Facebook

Getting a copyright violation notice can be a pretty anxiety inducing experience because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up having your content removed from a platform as well as locking you out of your account if you do not respond to the claim in a timely enough manner.

Many copyright violation claims that you receive are going to be genuine so you should respond to them as soon as possible, but with all of that having been said and out of the way it is important to note that many of the claims that are sent out to be people are actually fake claims made by scammers who are just trying to find a way in which they can bypass your two factor authentication settings or access your account through some other illicit means.

These fake copyright notices involve scammers telling you that something or the other you used in your content marketing campaigns is violating some kind of copyright. The truth of the situation is that the link that they would provide might even seem to be quite legitimate since many of these scammers are operating through real accounts on the platform itself.

While the link might appear to be real, the actual URL that you get taken to is not going to be legitimate in any way, shape or form. On this page you would be required to log in so that you can handle the claim that has been made, and the form that you would have to fill is actually going to send all of the credentials you put into it to a cyber criminal who would now be able to access your account without a shadow of a doubt.

You might assume that two factor authentication would have the potential to save you here but you would be wrong in thinking this way. Many of these forms have additional spaces that require you to enter the 2FA code that you receive. Many users are not smart enough to realize that putting such information on a form that is not on the actual Facebook website is a bad idea, which leads to a number of accounts being compromised in this manner. It is important for people to keep such scams in mind so that they can protect themselves at the end of the day.

Via: Sophos.

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