Coalition of Indian Startups Force Google to Delay Play Store Billing Policy Change

Most of the big tech companies in the world have realized the importance of India, and the massive nation has ended up becoming the second largest internet market in the world. This means that the tech industry is a really big business in the nation, something that has helped the economy of India massively and allowed itself to command a great deal of respect on the global stage. However, India’s size and value is also forcing Google to make exemptions for the rising Asian nation. An example of this can be seen in Google’s attempts to change their billing policy for the Play Store.

The change which will be rolling out globally by September 2021 would have made it so that Google would be guaranteed to get a 30% cut from all paid apps. This is something that is already in the rules for the Play Store, but in spite of the fact that this is the case a lot of apps manage to get around that which is something that Google tolerated for quite some time but now the tech giant seems to be looking to cash in.

A coalition of 150 startups in India, including the highly influential and valuable Paytm, PolicyBazaar and Sharechat among others, have managed to force Google to give India an exception in this regard. This policy change will roll out 6 months later in India after these startups began considering creating an app store of their own in order to prevent Google’s monopoly from taking hold. This shows the sway that India is starting to have in the world of tech, and it indicates that pretty soon the tech world is going to start revolving around India’s preferences something that could shift the balance of power in the world of tech from the west to the east.

Photo: Sankalp Phartiyal / reuters

Via: TC.

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