Adobe Photoshop Camera Gets Updated With Useful New Features

Since Adobe Photoshop has been commonly used to touch up pictures for quite some time now, it was inevitable that the company would start working on an app that would incorporate device cameras and make it so that editing could be done while the picture is being taken rather than after the fact. This lead to the creation of the Photoshop Camera, and the results were rather mixed if you think about it.

In spite of the fact that this application offered a wide range of useful features, it was by no means essential for the kind of people that take photography as seriously as possible and look at it as a career of sorts that they can use to sustain their livelihood.

The new Android version of Photoshop Camera brings a lot of features into the mix, and it seems like Adobe has taken the criticism that people levied at this app initially quite seriously and as a result of the fact that this is the case the newest version of Photoshop Camera offers you compatibility with multi lens cameras as well. This was something that was previously not available and it greatly limited the usefulness of this application for professional photographers, so this will go a long way towards ensuring that this app gets widespread usage.

The truth of the situation is that the first version of this app was probably a test run for what Adobe wants to do in the future. As the market changes, more and more service providers are bundling up their services with other essential activities that people perform. This new update is a game changer because of the fact that it gives users a lot more control over their pictures, and this could create a whole new market that a bunch of other tech companies are going to want to jump into.

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