9 TikTokers with Amazing Educational Content

Social media has entered our lives, helping millions of people around the world earn money by creating and sharing content. Even though Instagram and TikTok are mostly about entertainment and fun, some accounts indeed have a mission to enlighten followers with some useful information.

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Educational and informative content is very much valued now. Its authors, both professional teachers and amateurs, work hard to make it both interesting and appealing. Those who manage to fulfill this task get millions of followers overnight.

Writing a script for just a 1 min video is probably equally difficult as completing a custom dissertation writing assignment. Just imagine: you need to both share knowledge and make sure it is fun and captivating for your followers.

However, some TikTokers have greatly succeeded in producing such content. Here are several most popular and highly recognized influencers who publish amazing educational content.


This inspiring TikToker shares powerful insight into techniques on how to teach students with ADHD and ODD. Her approach is amazing since she tries to take into account the individual needs of students with such diagnoses.

Moreover, she does it so naturally that you even forget that she talks about teaching students with learning disabilities. Such an attitude has found its audience, and now Desmond enjoys the attention of around 1 million followers.


Ms. Lewis, a high school teacher, used humor to send important messages to her students. However, her approach to education was very much welcomed by the rest of American students, who found her videos funny and entertaining.

Today, Ms. Lewis continues running her social media account, publishing her tips to improve high school classroom management. The content is interesting for both students and associate teachers who are only setting on to the teaching path.


Those who doubt whether TikTok can have useful content should take a look at the @ludus account. These guys share excellent math tricks that can be helpful to everyone studying at high school or college.

Here, you can find everything from basic algebra equations to graphing and even SAT problem-solving. These TikTokes are quite successful in their attempt to turn math into something fun by adding jokes and dances to their videos.


This TikToker has turned his social media account into a personal finance consultancy platform. Surprisingly, this kind of advice was very much appreciated by the TikTok audience. His videos went viral, helping him build an army of 1 million followers.

He speaks about everything from your pocket money management to investments. Moreover, you can even learn how Bezos and Trump have managed to multiply their wealth in just several years.


Do you still think that a teen-beloved social media has nothing to do with science? That’s wrong and Maggie tries to prove it. She speaks about science, translating complex terms and phenomena into something easy to understand.

Teens love her videos for the unconventional approach that is super fun. The way she speaks and the topics she chooses makes science more accessible to her followers.


This TikToker has been already known by the YouTube audience. Yet, he decided to launch his account on TikTok to reach out to a younger generation. Hank’s main theme is Chemistry, and he genuinely loves what he is talking about.

Under his posts, you can see lots of gratitude from people who actually managed to pass Chemistry in high school. For many, he is an icon of explaining complex things in an easy language understood by many.


James, a young indigenous man, has taken over TikTok as the most popular representative of Native American culture on social media. He uses this platform to share more information about the way indigenous populations live now and their history.

He wears long hair and talks about its significance. Moreover, he also demonstrates native clothes and explains their meaning to the audience. Forget about boring History lessons – you now have James to find out more about the American past.


If you love cooking, you should get subscribed to this wonderful lady’s account. This TikTok Mom teaches everyone how to cook easy and delicious vegan dishes. Her food looks indeed tasty and does not take more than 30 minutes to prepare.

Even if you are not vegan, you can still find some healthy recipes on her account. It boosts you with unimaginable energy and transfers you into the atmosphere of family comfort and fun.


Ella offers another piece of educational content for cooking fans. Every week, she publishes a video where she cooks the national dish of a different country. Of course, she adds a detailed recipe so that the audience could try making it, too.

She cooks so well that it feels like you can smell it. Even though the number of her followers is just 200,000, her account is really worthy of your attention.

Many TikTokers share interesting facts, demonstrate unique skills or even help others with studies. This social media makes it surprisingly easy to connect with your audience and, hence, grow it.
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