YouTube launches a new update in order to stop the spread of fake news

We often use Google or YouTube to get accurate information, because we might want to confirm what we have heard from people. But usually, the information on Google and YouTube might be incorrect as people post things without making a research on it. Many times these myths spread like wildfire and people start believing them.

Spreading of myths has gotten really common these days, and one myth leads to many others. So in order to stop that YouTube and Google decided to put a ban on any website which does not attach a source link with their information to stop the spread of the fake information.

In recent news, YouTube stated that now they will add fact-checking panel so that the users can confirm the information they check. This new YouTube update was launched last year in India and Brazil and it was launched this year on April in the UK, Germany and USA. And The directors of YouTube are planning on launching this update in Europe as well.

Many important pieces of information like the current news on the Elections or the updates on the Coronavirus pandemic changes while reaching to the public. Recently, a myth was spread amongst the people that Tall people are most likely to catch Coronavirus. And this news was a complete myth as Coronavirus can attack anyone. When people heard this news they got really scared. Another misinformation saying that COVID is linked with people who use 5g data also spread and this myth affected cell towers in every country badly as the public started banning the use of 5g networks.

McOwen Wilson, executive of YouTube said that this update was very important for creators and the general public to avoid the spread of the fake information.

YouTube also decided to ban the upcoming political news and updates of the US so that there are fewer possibilities of fake information spreading and people believing that. This step was taken at the right time as the US elections are near.

This new update works very differently the videos and websites which updates people with recent news will have to prove their information by attaching the links from information provided by different countries. For example, European reporters will have to rely on the information given by the organisations in Britain and Germany as the British organisations will confirm their news from BBC while German organisations give information from BR24 which is an app available 24/7 and provides 100% authentic information.

The most important reason why YouTube launched this update was fake news on Coronavirus pandemic as the public was already very scared and the fake news made them more frightened.

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