What You Must Know About The OLEDs That Apple Is Bringing In All Of Its iPhones This Year

If 2020 was a normal year, we would have had the latest iPhones in our hands by now. But as the year has been a great disappointment in every possible way for all us, therefore iPhone fans are also still waiting for the latest series that is expected to be launched in October.

While we are not really sure about all the exciting features that Apple will introduce with the new iPhones, there is one thing that will set the new iPhones apart from its predecessors and that is what we are going to talk about here - the OLED displays.

OLED screens first came as a part of premium smartphones like iPhone 11 Pro and the technology holds the capacity to deliver image quality way better than the LEDs or LCDs. But as for the first time, this type of screen will take over every iPhone that Apple is going to launch, it is important to know what difference it will bring overall.

What Is An OLED Display?

When you look at the full abbreviation of LED then it stands for a light-emitting diode that basically makes your TV work right after the little charging indicator flashes upon plugging in the device. While OLED belongs to the similar family, still it’s the massive O at the start that makes all the difference between both.

To be precise, LEDs take the support of things like silicon to emit light. Whereas OLED (organic light-emitting diodes) use organic material to turn on. There is a lot of technical knowledge that one needs to have to differentiate between both kinds of processes and things can get extremely confusing when AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) comes into play - yes the one that Samsung continues to boast about with its introduction in tons of devices including the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and TVs as well.

Each of these technologies brings improved pixel controls but the race doesn’t really stop there.

How Is OLED Going To Appear Different From Current LCD On Smartphones?

There are very high chances that you would be reading this article on an LCD screen. However, as soon as you will shift to the OLED experience, you will begin to realize the presence of a backlight. This difference takes place because of the organic film that comes with OLED technology to emit light as soon as an electric current starts to flow through a device. If you want to understand the phenomenon in more simple words then an OLED can operate on its own as well without having a backlight. LCD on the other hand, despite being decades old, still need a backlight to show user anything on the phone.

How Will OLEDs Make iPhone Better?

As soon as OLEDs will get rid of backlighting in a smartphone, you will experience better image quality, more power efficiency and physical dimensions will also appear better.

Let’s take a much more common example of the phone screen first. You are going to see much better black levels and with that, there will be a high range of difference between black and other colors while making sure that your image or wallpaper pops up right when the phone is turned on.

OLEDs also come off as thinner than the traditional LCDs because of liquid crystals and backlight gone from the equation, while also freeing up more space inside the phone.

Overall phones with OLEDs also have longer battery life which now every smartphone company is battling out for.

Why Can’t All Phones Be Made Up Of OLEDs?

The clear-cut answer to this question is that it takes less for companies to manufacture LCDs especially when the margin of profit is fairly very narrow in the case of budgeted options. As OLED once was expensive to incorporate in the device in its initial stages, Apple now is making the brave move of mass production and we hope more companies will follow the solution as the new sparkling trend.

What Will Apple Fans Get With This?

Your iPhones might become slimmer with relatively long battery life and also display photos and videos with improved color accuracy. Furthermore, although your dream of buying a good quality less expensive iPhone might just not come true but you will certainly get to enjoy the leap of OLEDs this year.

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