Twitter Releases Useful Insights on Video Based Advertising

If you want people to take whatever it is that you are offering seriously then you might want to try and make a few videos about it. No matter what field you are in, your ads should most definitely have videos so that people can see for themselves whatever it is that you are offering. Video content is crucial to the success of any ad campaign out there, and even social media platforms like Twitter that are traditionally text and image based have been quite successful at showing users video based ads.

Twitter has just released in depth details about how effective videos can be on its platform. Engagement is something that a lot of people are going to be focusing on here. This is because of the fact that the level of engagement you get is going to be quite essential to the kind of results you can obtain with regards to your advertising campaign. According to Twitter’s insights, tweets with videos in them get ten times the level of engagement that tweets without videos can get, so you can already see that this is an extremely important aspect of keeping yourself relevant on the platform. What’s more is that if you are promoting a certain tweet, it would be useful for you to look into using videos because of the fact that it can end up costing half the amount per engagement if your promoted tweet has videos in it.

Twitter is also promoting its “First View” option which is a premium option that can allow brands to have their videos become a lot more prominent on the platform. This is something that is essential for brands that want to be competitive, and it’s it is important to note that this is also Twitter’s attempt at staying relevant in the social media market by trying to position itself as a more attractive social media marketing option all in all.

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