Time Management for Students: Top 10 Tips to Avoid Procrastination

Whatever everyone says, all of us procrastinate. We wake up with the idea of doing one important thing, and then we hold it off for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and then for the next week. We can do anything, but not important things. Does this look familiar? This article will tell you how to stop doing it, thus, to improve your time-management.

1. Don’t Make a Big Issue

You waste long hours and days to put things on hold, raising a negative attitude to the business you need to do. You have more and more thoughts about this stuff because the task is incomplete, and you can’t concentrate on anything else. Don’t be frightened of taking the first step. The process might be easy, and you succeed in doing your job.

2. Set Priorities

If you think that you need to buy some stuff for the house, clean up, write 20 pages of text in one night, have your haircut done, you are likely to get confused and can't focus on the point where to start. That's why you need to allocate tasks according to their importance. This “trick” will make it easier to achieve your goals.

3. Set Realistic Goals

You are unlikely to write a good school essay if you don't know its requirements well. You rather try to get rid of an annoying task and ask help from an essay order agency. Setting real goals is just as important as willing to achieve them. If your job is closely related to working with people and are in charge of the entire department, you have to delegate tasks to other people.

4. Think of Motivation

You should have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve. It isn't enough to have unrealized ideas if you want to make a report or create a web page. You can write these goals in your diary or hang up stickers at your workplace, but it's vital to make your ideas work and turn into real things. Instead of thinking about how to organize your essay-writing process, you could pay someone to write essay and move forward to another task.

5. Make a Reward System

If we evaluate your success, we will definitely find something to be proud of. You can think of any award: ice cream or cinema tickets will get you in the mood and motivate you to do a hard job. When you reward yourself for a well-done job, you raise your self-esteem and self-efficacy.

6. Make Job You Do Exciting

Not everyone’s lucky enough to find a dream-job or study the subjects you like. However, the key to winning over prostration could be a list of the benefits of things you are involved in, such as working in a friendly team or focusing on long-term perspectives. Once you get started, you'll realize that the job isn't as challenging as you thought initially, and you might even like it.

7. Follow the Work and Rest Regime

It's a bad idea to do an important task if you're too tired; it will only make you keep it on the back burner. You should have enough rest and sleep to stay awake throughout the day to work productively. Besides, sleep improves your memory.

8. Arrange Your Workplace

Your workplace matters. If you have keys, postcards, colorful felt-tip pens, and many other items, you will lose time looking for the right document. The habit of putting things back after using them is quite challenging for some people. However, it is never too late to start. Be sure that it will take an adaptation period, as you need a couple of days to gain a new skill. If you are willing to beat prostration, you can start from getting your workplace in order.

9. Turn on the Silent Mode on Your Cell Phone

Mobile devices have made our lives easier, but at the same time, they can decrease our productivity. Most of all, we are distracted by our cell phones. You don't need to turn off your phone if you are waiting for an important call. However, you can be distracted by memes or funny audio or video your friend sent you in the messenger — mute your phone when you are busy, and you will notice how much more you can do.

10. Start Your Day With The Most Difficult Task

No matter what you have to do, figure it out, and do it in a flash. Do you have a lot of home tasks to do? You’d better google, “How to do my homework online?” and delegate a task to somebody else to go about your business. If you start the day this way, you’ll feel free! You’ll feel relieved and proud of yourself. And the rest of the to-do list will be done much easier.

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