TikTok’s New Milestone Signifies App’s Popularity in Europe

Pretty much nobody out there would be able to deny that TikTok is the kind of social media app that has managed to tap into a rather unique aspect of how people tend to view what they can manage to do on the internet at the end of the day. While the app has been facing some problems in the USA, it turns out that it is actually doing really well in Europe which is something that has allowed the app to carve out a rather large niche for itself especially when it comes to European teenagers and the type of content they create as well as consume on a regular basis.

The latest milestone that TikTok has reached seems to indicate the level of success that the app happens to be enjoying at this current point in time. The milestone in question is that TikTok just reached 100 million users in Europe. One thing that this could potentially end up impacting would be the location for TikTok’s global headquarters. While initially the social media platform had planned on setting up shop in New York or some other major American city, the troubles that the app is facing from the US government has made London seem like a more appealing locale. The fact of the matter is that TikTok’s massive success as well as a general lack of obstacles in Europe might make London seem like a far better option for a wide variety of reasons.

This also challenges the notion that the West would not be willing to accept the popularity of a Chinese app. While the US is standing firm in its belief that a Chinese owned app poses a security risk, Europe, a place where American companies often get chastised and penalized for their practices, is accepting TikTok with what looks like open arms.

Photo: Sheldon Cooper/SOPA Images/LightRocket / Getty Images

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