Here Are the Countries With the Best (and Worst) Wi-Fi Access

The internet is no longer a luxury or an oddity. It is now an essential part of modern living. It gives ready access to information, can facilitate business and can allow people to stay connected with one another. However, a lot of countries don’t have very good internet, whereas others might have incredible internet. You will notice differences while traveling, and these differences are caused by a number of factors such as infrastructure and government policies.

Most people assume that the US has the best internet in the world, but this is actually completely wrong. The US actually has very average internet speeds in the developed world, with about 19 countries that have superior internet. Lithuania actually has the world’s best publicly accessible internet, with average download speeds of over 15 MB/s which is more than twice what the US offers. Croatia and Estonia also have similarly fast internet which suggests that the internet infrastructure of that whole region has been very well maintained. Ireland has the fastest download speeds outside of that region, and Sweden is unique in that it has a higher average upload speed than download speed.

Public WiFi hotpots have increased quite a bit in the fast four years, but about 383% to be exact. The current number is around 450 million which is quite an astounding figure. France and Belgium have the highest ratio of people to public hotspots, with an average of under 3 people per hotpspot. India does fairly poorly in this regard with nearly 40,000 people per hotspot, but since it is a developing country with a massive population this is still fairly impressive. Colombia has a much smaller population and still only manages one hotspot per nearly 300,000 people. Southeast Asia appears to have the best broadband speeds, with Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand all averaging well over 150 MB/s each. Check out this infographic from Ooma for more info.

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