Google Is Developing A New Feature That Would Allow You To Share Apps With Others Directly Via The Play Store

A teardown of Google’s Play Store has suggested that Play Store may soon natively support P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing of applications. The new feature will let Android users share their Android applications with nearby Android devices. Likely, the new feature will work similar to the Nearby Share feature which the company rolled out in August to enable peer-to-peer sharing of files including pictures, links, and videos. The Play Store is found to have a separate ‘Send app’ page from where you will be able to share applications with others around their location.

9to5Google conducted a teardown of the Play Store app and found that the company has updated the ‘My apps & games’ section of the Play Store which could be redesigned as the ‘Manage apps & device’ section. This section will have a Share apps option that would let users share their applications with nearby Android devices.

With the Share apps option, you will be able to decide whether you want to send an application or receive an Android app. After you have decided whether you want to send or receive an app, the Play Store will bring the Send apps page to allow you to begin the peer-to-peer sharing of applications.

Alongside the new Share apps feature, the teardown of the Play Store has also revealed that Google may also allow sharing of individual applications directly from the redesigned My apps section of the Play Store. Both users involved in the sharing process will have to open the Play Store and connect their devices to send or receive applications. According to a report published by Android Police, the applications would be shared using a combination of Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, and Bluetooth. On the other hand, the Nearby Share feature enables the sharing of files using Wi-Fi, NFC, or Bluetooth.

Likely, the peer-to-peer sharing of applications of the Play Store will only be provided for free applications, and paid applications will not be supported by this feature. Furthermore, it is not yet when the company will start rolling out this feature to Android users. In Oct 2018, the company enabled offline peer-to-peer sharing of applications for third parties. Xender and SHAREit were among the first applications to implement support for this feature. It seems that this new feature that would allow you to directly share apps from the Play Store is an expansion of the earlier development and it would be aimed at reducing the dependency of users on third-party applications.

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