Gmail is About to Get a Redesign Similar to Other Google Products

While Google’s plans for the future are quite spectacular, the company has been facing a lot of problems in the previous decade. Apart from dealing with these issues, Google has also been trying to rebrand in a way by changing the look of their various properties and making them seem a lot more spacious and minimalist which is something that a lot of apps as well as other tech ventures have been looking into quite often recently due to its simple nature which doesn’t draw attention away from functionality and other important aspects.

Google has also been compiling all of its services into a single suite, and while Gmail seems to have been late to the party it’s clear now that the email service is getting a similar redesign and will probably also be incorporated into this suite as well. This will help make it much easier for users to manage their various apps and services. It will also be quite convenient to be able to access these kinds of services from a single location as this will save time, and if there is one thing that is certain in this modern day and age it’s that most people want to be able to save as much time as possible.

The new look, as per 9to5G, is going to help bring Gmail in line with other Google products, and perhaps the most important change that is coming has to do with a brand new logo. Google’s previous logo change was met with a mixed response, and while the tech giant has stuck with it there is a good chance that it was aware of the criticisms and was working on a change, or perhaps it was simply time for a change up which is quite common in a tech industry where constant change and innovation is desired.

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