DuckDuckGo's Growth Shows That People Are Loving The Idea of A Privacy-Focused Search Engine

Do you know that there is a privacy-focused search engine that exists for all those internet users who are very much concerned about sharing their information online? Of course, majority of you would know this because according to the company, known as DuckDuckGo, in August 2020 they have catered to more than 2 billion total searches and there is a chance that one might have been done by you.

Google is currently regarded as the most popular search engine but in more recent times DuckDuckGo has been making quite a lot of name for attracting more users by selling the much-needed privacy factor to them.

With that, DuckDuckGo has also enjoyed 4 million app/extension installations and much to one’s surprise they neven now have 65 million users as well to date - along with the potential to break this record if the search engine continues to grow at the same pace.

But with all the massive numbers, DuckDuckGo still has control over only 2 percent of all search volume conducted in the United States and the success has majorly come because of Google facing privacy scandals this year.

If you haven’t heard about DuckDuckGo before then the search engine is primarily based on the idea of Bing, sites that are dedicated to the development of community like Wikipedia and the icing on the cake is company’s own crawler which manages to generate the index of search results.

DuckDuckGo doesn’t keep an eye on what users are searching for and because of that there is also one problem that arises in the form of how its search results are not also up-to-date with every passing minute like Google or even Bing.

The option of choosing whats best for you in the end then depends on you. If you don’t really care about a search engine tracking your history then Google is a champion in web standards. But if you are more careful about your privacy then you must either visit DuckDuckGo’s search homepage or install its extension or app.

Photo: Ian Clark / Flickr

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