Collaboration Controls for Interactive AR effects seems to be the new feature that Instagram is working on these days

Alessandro Paluzzi, a mobile app developer recently tweeted about a new feature that Instagram seems to be working on these days. He shared some screenshots with his tweet which showed that Instagram is likely to bring some collaboration tools for interactive augmented reality effects.

A while ago, Instagram introduced different Augmented Reality tools, such as the Polaroid Instagram AR Effect, AR lens, Delorean AR experience by Luke Hard, Notre-Dame AR effect, GTA III AR experience, AR Game Angel Wings, etc. All these amazing tools were already there to give users a profound experience of augmented reality on Instagram and had already brought them closer to the AR technology when famous tech giants like Facebook and Apple are on the verge of introducing amazing consumer wearable AR lenses and AR glasses.

So, it seems appropriate for Instagram to jump the bandwagon too, but on a much smaller scale, of course, and introduction of these various AR effects is just the tip of the iceberg that will make the users experience the joys and wonders of AR technology to some extent.

The new feature that Instagram seems to be working on is going to bring collaboration controls for interactive AR experience for the users. According to the two screenshots that Paluzzi posted, it can either be a new AR effect or new functionality that will allow the users to choose their AR interactive options - whether they want to choose to collaborate with Everyone, or with the people inside the particular Story, or with People, they Follow.

If a user chooses to collaborate with everyone, it probably means that there will be a lot of interaction between different users and they will all be working around the AR effects that Instagram provides. This means more user engagement and more fun along the way.

This new feature can also enhance and improve the overall security around the use of different augmented reality effects. Instagram is a safe platform and there is not much to misuse or abuse, but with the augmented reality effects, maybe collaborating with others will give an increased sense of security to the users of the Instagram augmented reality effects.

So, it is a good thing, but so far, all of these are speculations. The exact functionality of this feature or new AR effect will be known once it launches officially.


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