Cloudflare and Internet Archive join forces to preserve internet data

Cloudflare and Internet Archives have collaborated to save more data on the public web. According to both the entities, their efforts would make the web more reliable.

As part of this update, websites that are using Cloudflare’s Always Online service can allow the web infrastructure company to share their hostname and URLs with Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine so their website can be automatically archived.

In case the site goes down, Cloudflare will retrieve the most recently archived data so the visitors of the site will not have trouble accessing the content.

In a statement, Cloudflare CEO and co-founder Mathew Prince said that the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine has an ability to scale at an impressive level. And with this initiative, the World Wide Web will continue to provide users and businesses the required service without any interruption.

The Internet Archive hosts more than 468 billion web pages via the Wayback Machine. In his blog post, the company’s director Mark Graham said that they archive URLs through different methods such as crawling, referenced in tweets, added to Wikipedia, and submission by the users.

He further explained that an additional source of URLs preserved by them will no originate from customers of Cloudflare’s Always Online service.

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