Chrome Now Lets Users Add More Tabs To The Read Later List At A Time

Lately, Google Chrome has been focusing a lot on its all-new Read Later feature. They previously added support for Android as well knowing how users would love to save things to read later and according to recent news, the company has now also started to work on letting users add more than one tab at a given time in the same Read Later list.

Prior to the change, the Read Later feature had one problem of not allowing more than one tab to be added in the queue at a single time. As Google engineers thought about how this can be a restriction that might make users diverge to other options or extension for an increment in adding the number of tabs, therefore, the much-important change now even allows you to add all of the tabs that you may have opened for learning purpose to the Read Later collection.

Surprisingly, this move also seems to be also inspired by Edge’s collection - which of course has always provided users the ease to add as many opened tabs as they want to their list of Read Later.

For now, the new changes in the Read Later feature is exclusively available in Chrome Canary but it is also expected that the feature will have a broader release once it is polished after going through the development stage.

H/T: u/Leopeva64-2

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