Pinterest is expanding its skin tone search feature to help as many people from all skin-color groups as possible

Pinterest had integrated a feature back in 2018 in its ‘Beauty Category.’ This feature provides a range of skin tones and uses machine vision to sort relevant pins as per the user’s search request. This feature was available in the US only, but now, Pinterest has decided to upgrade its skin tone search feature and it is now available in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Ireland.

With the help of this feature, whenever a user searches for a beauty product, they can refine their search by choosing the closest skin tone that will be provided in the category. On many other sites, skin tones are provided with the search for beauty products, but they tend to be either too white, too dark, or too unrealistic!

So, with a wide range of skin tones, Pinterest is aiming to be more inclusive and accommodating, including everyone without any racial disparity or prejudice.

Through this feature, Pinterest hopes to make it easy for the users to find content relevant for them, and suitable to their requirements. With search options including ‘grey hair on dark skin women,’ ‘blonde hair color ideas for fair skin and blue eyes,’ and ‘soft natural makeup for Black women,’ Pinterest is hoping to broaden the search horizons for everyone and provide as much well-refined search results as possible.

This is not the first venture where Pinterest integrated a feature like that. Previously also, they have their Augment Reality ‘Try On Feature,’ which lets the users look for different shades and brands of lipsticks and ‘try them on’ in augmented reality. Now, the ‘Search by Skin Tone’ feature is being integrated with this Augmented Reality Try On feature. This will further help people search for lip colors based on the skin tone which they can choose from the given category.

Currently, this feature with AR is available in the US only, but it will soon be launching in the UK too.

Pinterest has always been known for providing content that caters to everyone. Their Search by skin tone in Augmented Reality is an amazing update and is going to help many people, not only the individuals belonging to the fashion world but also men who are always picking up wrong make up items or wrong lipstick shades for their partners/ spouses because they are unaware of choosing items according to the skin tones.

So, for all these people, Pinterest’s new feature is a very refreshing and helpful update. Let us hope that Pinterest launches it for the rest of the world too, soon.

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