Microsoft supports Epic Games in its tussle with Apple over the eviction of Fortnite from the iOS

Apple and Epic Games are currently going through a war-like situation. Earlier this month, Epic Games introduced its own direct payment option for in-game purchases in its famous game ‘Fortnite’ in the iOS. Now, Apple keeps 30% of share from all the apps that find their place in the App Store, so, when Epic Games took this stand of introducing their own in-game direct payment option, Apple got furious because it is a clear violation of its rules.

As a result, Apple ‘evicted’ Fortnite from the App Store, and did not stop at this alone. It has threatened to terminate Epic Games’ Developer Program Membership too if the creators do not re-submit Fortnite back on iOS without the direct payment option within two weeks. With the termination of this membership, Epic Games would not only lose its ability to continue developing Fortnite for iOS but its game engine, ‘Unreal Engine’ will also be lost to Epic Games.

‘Unreal Engine’ is Epic Games’ popular game engine for iOS and macOS, and it is used by many game developers to create and run their games on.

As per a filing in the court by Epic Games, multiple licensees of Unreal Engine are worried over this situation and they have contacted Epic Games for an answer because they are worried about the consequences of Apple’s actions on their iOS and macOS-bound projects.

Microsoft also uses Unreal Engine to run its racing game Forza Street on iPhone and iPad. So, naturally, Microsoft is now supporting Epic Games and the company’s gaming executive Kevin Gammil recently wrote that Apple’s actions are quite extreme, and they may harm many game creators and gamers. Games that use the Unreal Engine will especially see an ill-fate because of Apple’s discontinuation of Epic Games’ ability to develop and support the Unreal Engine for iOS and macOS.

Now, Apple on the other hand says that Epic Games has brought all this trouble on itself like ‘self-inflicted wounds.’ Apple accuses Epic Games to have intentionally violated its rules. Things could have been better if Epic Games had proceeded with their lawsuit without first introducing their direct payment option in Fortnite for iOS.

However, Apple is still willing to have Fortnite back, provided that Epic Games removes the cause of disagreement.

Let us see what happens with the two tech giants and who wins the case during the legal proceedings?

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