Instagram incorporates more categories to Guides, Stories, and Reels

Instagram is planning on enhancing its Guides feature. As hinted in a tweet by Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram will now add more categories to the Guides segment along with other features to improve usability.

For those who are not aware, Instagram launched Guides back in May to promote awareness regarding mental wellbeing. Through this feature, a panel of experts and organizations shared various resources, tips, and guidance to improve mental health.

At the time of its launch, Instagram head Adam Mosseri had said that Guides was initially geared towards travel and leisure activities. However, global pandemic led them to pivot its focus on health and wellness.

Well now, it looks like Guides will again allow creators to build resources on other topics – including travel!

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi also shared the possibility of enhancing privacy options on Instagram Guides.

His tests show a new compose screen for the Stories as well. According to the screenshot shared on his Twitter handle, the revamped Stories will enable the Instagrammers to add grid-lines in their Stories camera.

More on Reels

Another prominent and anticipated addition to the vast library of Instagram includes a ‘Recommended as featured’ option in Reels. A clone of Chinese-based app TikTok, Reels on Instagram was released in the first week of August. Through this feature, users can create short and entertaining videos for their followers.

But ever since its launch, users were complaining about the limitation in its search features. Unlike TikTok that shows videos filtered specifically for the users on the first screen – Instagram users had to scour the huge database to find videos that appeal to their interest. However, it seems like Instagram is working on ways to improve this by adding an option to feature videos on the main page for more visibility.

A representative from Instagram also confirmed that they are testing several new features for the platform, though they refused to share additional information and the rollout date.

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