In A New Test, Google Is Displaying Considerably Larger Font in Ad Headlines in Search for Some Users

Google Search turned fifteen this year, and the company has been upgrading it to bring relevant content to users on the internet. Additionally, Google Search also brings advertisements that might be useful for some. Some people may find those ads frustrating given how much dominance these ads can have over some particular queries. Now, the company is testing a larger font size in Ad headlines with some users.

Google displays larger ad formats in Search, and the change was first spotted by PPC Hubbub on Twitter. PPC Hubbub posted on Twitter stating the company testing a new format for Headlines in the ad slots that appears on the top of the Google Search results page. The first Headline in the ad slots appears in a considerably larger font format as compared to the second Headline. Lower ad slots outside of the top 4 Headlines appears to be normal.

The user even posted a video on Twitter to show the difference in the size of titles that appears in normal Google search results as compared to others on the search results page. In these ads, their first line can be up to fifty percent larger as compared to other texts on the search results page. Well, this is something that can surely grab the attention of users. It seems that the overall footprint of the ad block is not affected by the bigger font size

Currently, it seems to be a new test, and it is not possible to replicate this behavior on any device in the Google Search app unless a user is included in the test. It is not yet clear whether the new test will be implemented in the future or not. It is worth noting that larger ad headlines in Google Search can be useful for marketers, providing extra emphasis to what advertisers want to convey to people. On the other hand, you may also note that many don’t like to see excessive advertisements on apps.

Moreover, the timing is not too great as well since Google’s CEO was questioned several times about how the company’s services were being pushed via Search, in the antitrust hearing. Google is always testing new things and the company has not yet confirmed whether it will roll out the new changes or not. Furthermore, we are not sure whether the changes would be released for only the top ad, or all the ads on the search results page.

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