Google Will Soon Roll Out A Flag To Let Users Search for Tabs That They’ve Opened in Chrome

Google Chrome is currently the top internet browser in terms of usage, and also the favorite browser to several people. Chrome has become one of the best browsers in the world since Google keeps introducing useful new features and tools to make it more effective. Currently, the company is working on several new features, for instance, Google is developing a new feature that will allow you to search for tabs that you have already opened on the browser, and this is one of the most useful features that the company will soon release.

While you may use the Chrome browser with only a handful of tabs open at a given time, it looks like a lot of users actually keep hundreds of websites loaded at the same time. According to a new commit, as spotted by Techtsp, the browsing giant is set to soon roll out a new feature that will allow you to search for tabs that you have already opened on the Chrome browser. Called the Tab Search, the feature will be available behind a flag in Chrome. For example, you have too many tabs open in the Chrome browser at the same time, and it can sometimes be difficult to find and switch to the correct tab. The Tab Search feature will make it easier for you to work with several tabs opened in the Chrome browser.

The flag is called #Enable-Tab-Search, and (when available) you will have to enable it in order to use the new feature. If you want to enable this feature, you will first need to visit the chrome://flags page.

The feature displays a popup bubble that allows you to search over the tabs that you have currently opened on the Chrome browser. The source code also indicates that the feature will first be made available in Chrome OS. Then, the feature will be made available on Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, and iOS versions of the Chrome browser. However, it is yet not clear when the feature will be made available. Once the #Enable-Tab-Search flag is made available, users will be able to enable the feature in the Canary build of the Chrome browser.

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