Google Is Advising The Android Developers To Prepare For 5G

In recent times, the world has been introduced to the potential of 5G. However, as introducing technology is never an issue, since 6G is also around the corner, the trouble has always been there for the developers who are still working on making more of 4G compatible apps.

But now as per the recent developments, Google has called on Android developers to prepare for implementing the transition work of 5G and as per the directives given by the company, there are four major experience enhancements that will take place with the introduction of 5G on a wider scale and these are also the areas that Android developers need to focus more on:
  1. Augmented Reality Application
  2. 5G Network Speed
  3. More Efficient Reading
  4. Streaming Media
While the list, of course, includes more areas, Google is rating these high for the developers to work on.

Precisely it doesn’t matter what the developers are working on, their prime focus should be on supporting and incorporating the 5G network speed in their products. Google has also given prime examples of high-quality video calls and multi-player game modes that developers can work on and take advantage of the power of 5G on the whole.

Secondly, when it came to the matter of photo-centric application, Google is recommending the developers to bring in augmented reality content as the first choice only because it will take less time to buffer with the usage of 5G network by people.

Moving further to the third preference, 5G is going to bring in massive differences in content prefetching. If you are one of those users who rely on unlimited data plans then you are only going to enjoy fast downloads and watching experience, but if there are data limitations for you, then you are going to rely heavily on built-in data protection apps because 5G is going to cost a lot.

And finally, 5G is going to make media streaming as smooth as you would like it, all thanks to the faster transmission rates. The improvement in streaming is also going to play an integral role in the operability of future applications.

Google itself is working on new APIs to promote the realization of 5G features. Along with that, the Android SDK emulator is also working on upgrades that will help developers to complete the construction of the app and then test it without having access to the 5G network.

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